IT service and integration

Competent service and reliable communication interfaces

Otopront diagnostic equipment can easily be integrated into networks - whether in your practice computer or complex HIS networks. A common basic software (Otopront App Manager), our DICOM conformance statement and our experienced IT team enable a quick and uncomplicated process.

Integration into the practice computer is usually done online by remote maintenance from our IT service after delivery of the device. In the meantime, open questions regarding the practice software and special requirements are clarified.

With our DICOM compliance, imaging devices (e.g.,  PES PILOT HDproPES PILOT HDpro Stroboskop) can be standardised in HIS networks. The company INNOFORCE supports us with the implementation.

Network integration at a glance

  • Easy installation in practice computer (eg Medistar, Turbomed, Albis, tomedo etc.) via GDT protocol
  • Automatic order recognition of the practice computer, alternatively at the push of a button
  • Complete integration into HIS and PACS via standard interfaces (HL7, DICOM)
  • Optionally transferring video data, communicating with worklist (e.g., DICOM video, DICOM worklist)
  • DICOM Conformance Statement

IT service

Our IT service is continually working to ensure that your integration is promptly completed as required and that your software applications always function properly. If something does not work, our IT staff will concentrate on a fast and pragmatic troubleshooting. Our goal is to provide you with first-class service quality, as well as the maintenance of your unit.

Remote maintenance software on our devices allows a quick online service, without having to agree on an expensive visit date. In addition, software updates can also be installed in this way.

Integration into practice EDP

The basic program (Otopront App Manager) installed on all Otopront devices has a standardised GDT interface, which allows the devices to be easily integrated into your practice EDP and to communicate findings.

As an example, the unique integration is as follows:

1. Practice EDP information delivered to Otopront (e.g., type: Medistar, Turbomed, Albis, etc.)

2. Integration by remote maintenance according to the agreed date; approx. 2-3 hours effort

Integration into HIS (hospital information systems)

The integration of Otopront devices into HIS and PACS systems is done in cooperation with INNOFORCE, a specialist in networks and patient data administration in hospitals.

In addition to a standardised integration via DICOM, HL7 is used as a further protocol. The desired functional scope (for example, archiving in PACS, DICOM worklist) can be set variably and special requests can be taken into account. After completion of a standardised questionnaire and internal preparation, integration can usually take place within a few hours on site.

We would be pleased to share reference clinics with Otopront integrations, so that you get a further picture of the process and organisation of our integration.


DICOM integration of the PES PILOT HDpro

Patient and findings management

Otopront App Manager

Our app manager is a basic software on which all other module applications for our devices are based. It is installed on each system and has a complete patient and findings management, which can be shared by all devices. Thus, various diagnostic findings of a patient can be obtained e.g. from DIGITAL 5RHINO-SYS and PES PILOT HDpro on a PC.

With the App Manager as a common base with GDT interface each device can be integrated identically - which reduces time and effort and simplifies any maintenance work.

INNOFORCE Diagnostic Manager

The optional assistant to manage your investigations

Diagnostic Manager is a sophisticated database program for ENT practices, in which the results of different measuring procedures are visualized and stored. You can quickly and easily retrieve the desired data from all workstations and print them out if necessary. The Diagnostic Manager can be integrated into an existing practice program (for example, Turbomed, Medistar, etc.) via the GDT interface. This allows you to retrieve and display the desired measurement results directly from the practice program.

Diagnostic Manager builds on the INNOFORCE know-how with the ENTstatistics database program, which has been successfully used since 2006. The MSSQL server technology used is powerful and widely accepted for practice and hospital applications. Diagnostic Manager is an open additional program and can manage not only your Otopront products but also data from diagnostic devices from other manufacturers.