SIT 4 - The original

The ENT treatment and examination chair

SIT 4 Configurator

The ENT treatment chair

Form and function

The examination and treatment chair SIT 4 combines slim clean design with full functionality and ergonomics: a result of elaborated design and 15 years of continuous development. With its sophisticated features, it presents itself as a stylish full-function chair.

High quality

The use of high quality materials, precise workmanship and strengthening particularly exposed seat-parts ensure the durability of the SIT 4 even under heavy use in clinics and medical practices.

Optionally all functions are electric motor operated, on request by remote control.

Optimal treatment

A special feature of the SIT 4 is the sloping telescopic column, as a result of which the patient is automatically brought towards the doctor when the chair is raised. This ensures even better access to the patient.

The version with 30 cm lifting range ensures to use the chair for adults as well as for children without special seats. The height of the treatment chair is easily adjusted using the footswitches built into both sides of the base plate. There is also the option of an external footswitch.

Optional: 30 cm telescopic column

Comfortable sitting and reclining

While the backrest of the SIT 4 PLUS is adjusted, the armrests and leg rest simultaneously follow the chair's sequence of movement until it reaches a completely horizontal position thus ensuring perfect support and patient comfort. In case of a collapsing patient the backrest can quickly be brought into the -10° Trendelenburg position. A floor fixing is not necessary.

The SIT 4 pendulum chair allows it to perform different pendulum methods. These are controlled by a remote control. The program-controlled electric motor performs various pendulum tests (5-90 sec) and has a freely programmable interface.

Backrest in -10° pretilt

Synchronous motion

-10° Trendelenburg position


The SIT 4 is smoothly rotatable by 360°, equipped with a 90° detent and a  locking brake. So each position is fast and precisely adjustable. As an option, the rotation can be operated by an electric motor (by foot pedal or remote control) up to 180° left or right.

The version with a rotatable seat with 90° locating mechanism facilitates rapid changes of the patient's position with better access to the patient's ear.

Because of the synchronous movement of arm rests and leg rests during adjustment of the backrest, the patient is continuously in a pleasant and comfortable position. If necessary it is possible to raise the simultaneously following footrest separately, to ensure secure contact of the calves with the chair.

Initial position

Rotatable seat
Rapid changes of the patient's position

Rotatable seat
Rapid changes of the patient's position

90° detent

Detachable seat upholstery
For easy cleaning

Foot pedal and remote control

Further details

You can choose between two headrests

The base headrest allows quick height adjustment with vertical displacement and latches itself.

An electric motor allows uninterrupted height adjustment during treatment.

The surgical headrest can additionally be adjusted in its inclination and horizontal position and is particularly suitable for larynx treatments or minor procedures.

Stainless steel base
with foot switch for height adjustment

At your fingertips two castors lower at the bottom, on which the SIT 4 can be pushed smootly(optional).

The padded armrests are easily folded back out of the way to permit access to heavyweight or wheelchair-bound patients.

The footrest can be easily detached to be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Material und Farben

The seat upholstery of the SIT 4 is available as Soft Pad Cushion, with decorative stitching or as smooth seat cover. All versions are extremely durable, easy to clean and resistant to disinfectants.

The leatherette upholstery is available in numerous colours, also optionally available in genuine leather. Another individual scope for design is the free choice of colour for the stitching (except for smooth upholstery).

Changes in colour can be implemented quickly, simply by replacing. The finish of the frame is available in any RAL colour and can be selected as an option for the upper part, central column and base in different colours.


  • Height adjustable 20 cm, optional 30 cm
  • Electro motor operated telescopic cylinder
  • Seat height 52–72 cm (52–82 cm respectively)
  • 360° rotatable on smooth running roller bearing with 90° detent
  • Optional electro motor operated rotatability (±180°)
  • Locking brakes, continuously and operated from either side
  • Backrest adjustable from -10° forward to 10° beyond the horizontal (shock position), marking the 30° position, optional electric motor drive
  • Synchronous coupling of the armrests and leg rest with the movement of the backrest, anatomically designed comfort with stepless tilting of the chair
  • Headrest anatomically designed, 15 cm height adjustable and easy to remove (optional electromotor)
  • Leg rest optionally with synchronous motion coupling
  • Durable leatherette upholstery, resistant to disinfectants, seat removable by velcro fastener
  • Sturdy steel structure with massive base plate
  • 2-layer paint
  • Wide stainless steel abutting edge
  • Weight 100 kg

Examination and treatment chair SIT 4


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