Endoscopy and imaging

Technically and functionally groundbreaking

Over 25 years videoendoscopy experience

Since the introduction of the portable endoscopy system PES in 1999, otopront successfully developed videoendoscopy systems to supplement the ENT workplace. Meanwhile our technically and functionally groundbreaking video systems are a constant when equipping an ENT unit.

Development focus: image quality, functionality, compact dimensions

Our systems are always integrated into the workplace without the need for a special trolley, and can be easily integrated into the HIS or the practice EDP via DICOM (or HL7 / GDT). Features such as patient management or video editing are easily operated partly by touchscreen and voice control.


Stroboscope as reference

The current reference of this portfolio is the PES pilot HD stroboscope with its Full HD camera (optionally 4K), 15-inch touch screen and an integrated high-performance stroboscopic light source. This combination delivers crisp stroboscopic images - even with its compact design.


Pilot Diagnostic Center

System for diagnostics

PES Pilot HDpro Stroboscope

Professional display quality of Phoniatrics

PES Pilot HDpro

The new standard in videoendoscopy

Ground-breaking future-proof design to enable ENT professionals to work more efficiently

Video nasopharyngoscope VN-S (Chip-on-the-Tip)

Hi-Res, powerful and true colors

For PES Pilot devices

PES 2.1

Compact endoscopy system for flexible use

Reliable technology, optimised in detail and functionality


Digital live imaging

A sophisticated CCD chip and an anti-Moiré filter guarantee high-quality images