High operating comfort for the vestibular examination

The caloric water stimulator VARIO from Otopront is designed for use in practices as well as in clinics. The high degree of automation allows the user to dispense with time-consuming parts of the vestibular examination.

  • Maximum hygiene due to high standard satinated glass the operating field
  • The rest, count and irrigating period is exactly set and / or can be adjusted by means of the time automatic and operating logic
  • Exceptional stability of temperature in the water reservoir
  • PTC sensor embedded distally in the irrigation handpiece
  • Sensor indicates the exact temperature of the irrigatior liquid
  • For maintenance and service purposes, the handpiece with the tube can be easily removed without tools (snap closure)
  • Temperature stability thanks to electronic PID control via 3 processors and continuous temperature monitoring at various points
  • The closed rotary system only opens in order to reach lower temperatures (from 44° to 30° C) so that heated water can be expelled
  • Continuously circulating water bath prevents the heating system from calcifying and heating system and thus frequent and costly repairs
  • The quick coupling system allows to use the Vario at different places
  • Low energy consumption
  • Unit requires only one water inlet

Caloric stimulator VARIO WATER


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