High operating comfort for the vestibular examination

The caloric water stimulator VARIO from Otopront is designed for use in practices as well as in clinics. The high degree of automation allows the user to dispense with time-consuming parts of the vestibular examination.

  • In addition to the manual operating mode, the VARIO can also be operated in automatic mode 
  • Temperature is measured distally in the handpiece and therefore corresponds exactly to the water temperature given to the patient
  • Distal PTC sensor embedded in the rinsing handpiece 
  • The stimulus, rest and counting phases are supported by an operating logic with timer function
  • Irrigation mode with 38 °C; in addition, the temperature can be freely varied within defined limits in this mode
  • "Cold" operating mode for applying a strong stimulus - water temperature 25 °C
  • Flow rate adjustable directly on the water rinse handpiece
  • High temperature stability and exact flow rate for reproducible test results 
  • Handpiece and hose can be removed for cleaning and servicing without tools
  • All lines equipped with quick-release couplings
  • Low energy and water consumption
  • Illuminated display for good readability even in darkened rooms 
  • Optional water bacteria filter system at the device inlet (autoclavable)

Caloric stimulator VARIO WATER


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