Microscopy and optical systems

Optimised in detail

In the treatment a sharp, clear image is crucial - with a microscope or an endoscope. Otopront has developed detailed improvements in order to obtain a maximum viewing quality.

Microscopes can be provided with various Otopront LED light sources, resulting in an optimisation of the lighting quality and a better handling, by replacing the original light source on the microscope.

Otopront endoscopes were recalculated specifically for Full HD applications and are available in various angles, lengths and diameters - different colors, for quick distinction during treatment.

Carl Zeiss OPMI® pico

Small, compact, fully developed

Excellently suited for the many different tasks performed by an ENT
(Photo copyrights: Carl Zeiss)

Kaps SOM®

Small, compact and flexible

The ENT examination microscopes of the Kaps SOM® series provide you with everything you could want in terms of accessories and variability.


For reliable diagnostic

Newly designed lens system provides a brilliant illumination and a crystal clear resolution

Chip on the tip – video nasopharyngoscope

Hi-Res, powerful and true colors

For PES PILOT HDpro devices and nasal endoscopy imaging