Water separation units
WTA 1400 / WTA 8000

Validated water filter unit

Hygiene of water-bearing units

Water separation unit, validated water filter unit and autoclavable water spraying devices

Through many years of experience with the special aspects of water-bearing units, we have developed holistic and coherent solutions. 

The clinically validated water filter unit guarantees sterile water and very low running costs due to autoclavability and long service life.

The water separation unit prevents backflow and retrograde contamination of the house water network without the necessary, cost-intensive addition of chemicals.

Water separation units WTA 1400 / WTA 8000

With the legal validity of the amended Drinking Water Ordinance (TVO) on January 1, 2003, operators of water-bearing medical devices that do not yet meet the new requirements had a need for retrofitting. For example, there is an obligation to install a "physical separation" between the domestic installation and the medical device, which meets the requirements of water class 5 according to DIN EN 1717. This requirement applies both to operators of new and older devices, which include most ENT workstations or treatment devices.

Continuous development and improvement since 2002 make the WTA a fully developed, robust device working in the background with extremely low error rate - and this without cost-intensive addition of chemicals. Due to the physically advantageous design (large lumina), additional descaling agents are not necessary. This reduces the function of the WTA to the essential - which minimizes costs and wear.

Set up close to the device

For all common ENT units

Water filter unit

The microbial pollution of water-bearing medical products is valued increasingly critical. After only a few weeks of operation a biofilm forms in every water-bearing system, even in instantaneous water heaters, encouraged by the slow flow of water, long periods of disuse and temperatures around 38°C. This can lead to rapid bacterial invasion of the equipment, in some cases with Pseudomonas and Legionella in concentrations > 107/ml.

Otopront has taken this hazard seriously even years ago and developed a solution for all water-bearing devices. The water filter unit, the same model as used in the Otopront ENT treatment units, has been tailored specially to the user's requirements:

  • simple to use
  • economical
  • high level of hygiene safety

With a retention rate of 0.2 micrometers the autoclavable filter unit ensures that only hygienically pure water reaches the patient. The water handle and hose are also completely autoclavable to prevent retrograde microbial contamination.

Unlike many other approaches, this unit completely maintains scientific standards even in long-term use.

Water Filter Unit        


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