Tonsil Cleaner Device

The effective method for tonsillitis treatment

An increasing number of tonsillectomies replaced the reputed device. However, a huge amount of patients with chronically infected tonsils is hesitant to agree to the final procedure of tonsillectomy for various reasons.

Nowadays surgeons go back to conservative techniques, e.g. peeling the tonsils, cutting the tonsils half the way, radio surgery - no matter which procedure is being used, the tonsils and the field of surgery have to be properly cleaned before.

Even without an indication for surgical procedures, the patient suffering from infected tonsils is looking for immediate support and pain reduction. Cleaning the tonsils with a tonsil cleaner is a technique established since the 1960s using pressurized water in combination with a tonsil suction tip offers immediate relief for the patient by removing the infected "carpet" from the tonsils. Medication can be applicated on tonsils much easier and there is a new chance of bypassing a tonsillectomy.

Otopront offers an all-in-one tonsil cleaner unit that converts the method into a daily routine procedure. A stainless steel handle connected to a NaCl or water reservoir within the ENT unit provides a tonsil cleaning shower through a perforated canula, while a tonsil shaped glass pipe connected to an adjustable vacuum removes the carpet. The complete tonsil cleaner unit is autoclavable.

Tonsil Cleaner Device      


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