otopront Basic Plus - Behandlungseinheit Zusatz Gerätehalterungen

Cleaning and maintenance of the unit

Antibacterial trays, autoclavable surfaces and handpieces

Besides coherent hygiene solutions easy and efficient cleaning and maintenance are elementary components of each Otopront treatment unit.

Handpieces can be removed per snap system and autoclaved. Surfaces can be easily cleaned and also autoclaved.

Detachable hoses or external suction systems respectively as well as suction hose rinsing allow an easy and thorough cleaning of the suction system, without the addition of chemical solutions to the water-bearing parts of the unit.

Cleaning and maintenance of all parts of the treatment unit otopront Basic Plus

Easy accessibility

for cleaning and maintenance

All parts of the otopront Basic Plus treatment unit are autoclavable

Sophisticated hygiene
All handpieces and applied parts are fully autoclavable (water handles, spray handles, spray bottles, adapters, etc.)

Treatment unit otopront Basic Plus with removable panels and quick-release fasteners

Detachable surfaces and hoses
Quick-fit couplings on all hoses ensure easy assembly

The suction hoses of the otopront Basic Plus treatment unit are automatically rinsed

Automatic suction hose rinse

Cleaning and maintenance of the unit


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