Diagnostic Audiometer

The AUDIO is an advanced audiometer that allows all classical diagnostic tests to be performed. The system has a modern design to meet the needs of daily routine in private practices and clinics. It‘s high grade wearless magnetic detented control dials allow a sensitiv adjustment of the hearing level.

With the AUDIOsoft software it is possible to overlie different audiograms to compare the examination results. It can be done after an examination is finished or to double-click any examination. This examination gets displayed in bold letters.


Basic Configuration

  • Audiometer, microphone, live-speech test

  • Standard frequencies 125 Hz - 8 kHz

  • Air conduction transducer

  • Bone conduction transducer

  • Patient response button

  • Monitor headset with microphone


  • High frequency audiometry 9-16 kHz
  • CD Player

  • Free field speaker set

  • External patient talk back microphone

  • PC software Otopront AUDIOsoft with GDT-Interface on request

Software AUDIOsoft

Otopront Audiometer software: The audio can be operated with a 2-way PC software, controllable over the PC or over the audio. Each input is displayed simultaneously on both devices.

The software contains a complete patient management, to be integrated via GDT interface.

All functions and settings can also be controlled with the software via the PC.

Diagnostic Audiometer AUDIO


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