Otopront hygiene solutions

Future-proof and functional

Constantly increasing hygienic requirements in hospitals and medical practices - Otopront in dialogue with physicians and hygienists

The steadily increasing hygienic requirements - especially in recent years - and their accelerated implementation are a major challenge for hospitals and practices as well. 

In addition to issues of preparation and storage of endoscopes and instruments, water sterility and hygienic preventive measures are further discussed aspects.

In partnership with our customers Otopront continuously discusses these rules and recommendations, and is in constant dialogue with physicians and hygienists. The aim of this discussion is to offer a preferably practical and helpful support for the physician in terms of hygiene - through enhanced service and new product solutions. These we develop with sound judgement for the widest possible consensus between practical applicability and hygienic relevance.

Practical and cost-effective solutions for virtually any hygiene issues

Whether our coherent endoscope reprocessing and documentation at workplace, safe instrument management, disposables for patient-side components or validated safety of water-bearing systems - our treatment units provide completely coherent hygiene solutions, manageable for the physician and future-proof.

Hygiene topics

Endoscope reprocessing and documentation

Double quiver disinfection and documentation system

Recontamination protection, automatic disinfection time monitoring and  fully automatic long-term documentation of the disinfection procedures


Compressed-Air spray blower attachments, suction hoses for single use

Especially for treatment of high risk patients

Instrument management

Dust-free, clear, easily accessible storage of instruments

Optional clean/unclean drawer layout

Hygiene of water-bearing units

Scientific standards even in long-term use

Simple to use, economical, high level of hygiene safety

Cleaning and maintenance of the unit

Antibacterial trays, autoclavable surfaces and handpieces


Aspi-Jet, Multi-Sept, Care-Wipes, Meliseptol, Sekusept

Highly effective cleaning of medical instruments and medical equipment

Protection Frame

Cough and droplet protection for the ENT workplace

  • Protection against droplet ejection
  • Unobstructed work with both hands
  • Microscopy without restrictions
  • Endoscopying possible
  • Simply removable at the flexible Parallelogram swivel arm
  • Easy self assembly - no customer service needed