Instrument cabinets for the
ENT treatment unit BASIC PLUS

are available in different sizes

Instrument cabinets München (big) and Wiesbaden (small)
in 2 sizes for different space requirements

Instrument cabinet 
for the ENT treatment unit SMART

ENT instrument cabinets

Hygienic storage of instruments


The Otopront ENT instrument cabinets are the ideal supplement to the ENT workplace. We offer a variety of equipment variations as well as a choice between two different cabinet arrangements, depending on the way you work and on your available space.

Safe and hygienic storage

Otopront solved the increasing demand of dust-free storage of instruments on the  part of the hygiene over several approaches. We offer our QuickSafe system and Soft Close mechanism for the cabinets's instrument trays. Optionally instruments may also be housed in automatically opening drawers with windows.

A variety of features

Generally, like our treatment units the cabinets can be individually equipped. So your cabinet can be designed as full-function cabinet, clean cabinet or as waste-and-dropping configuration.


The solid steel body guarantees smooth operation of all parts for decades to come. All drawers are equipped with wearless, ball-bearing telescopic guides and are fully extendable.

With one simple manipulation, the instrument tray can be taken out and cleaned. Even during consulting hours a refill of instruments through exchange of inserts is quickly made. The instrument tray is equipped with stainless steel organizers for instrument compartments.

All instruments are in plain view and organized. The pre-warmed instrument area represents a comfortable extra, especially during winter months. In one easy step the whole instrument area can be closed dust free, whereas medication bottles can remain within depression. Interior lightning for instrument surface and instrument drawer is available as further option.

Because they are most frequently used, instrument discard tray and waste compartment are optimally positioned. Instrument discard tray also can be exchanged from back, without disturbing an examination. A foot pedal with click stop allows easy operation of the shock absorbed waste bin.

Takes up no room – the cotton and paper dispensor drawer. Take out is as simple as refill. Paper tears off effortlessly, clamping mechanism.

allows an automatic but softened cover closing


Most chosen features
  • Pre-warmed instrument area for body-temperature instruments (Soft Close mechanism)
  • Medication bottle storage
  • Cotton and paper dispensor drawer
  • Kleenex and glove dispenser
  • Stainless steel edges on all drawers as additional mechanical protection
  • Instrument discard tray 
  • Built-in tray for infectious waste, canulaes etc.
  • Waste compartment with foot pedal
  • Instrument drawers with plexiglass front
  • Free choice of colors, optionally also 2-layer metallic paint
  • LED lighting of trays and drawers

ENT instrument cabinets Wiesbaden / München


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