ENT chairs

Our ENT chairs are high quality and functional

Our ENT chairs have been optimized for everyday use in ENT practices in close cooperation with clinics and practices in ENT medicine. In addition to the classic BELMONT doctor's chair, you will also find our SIT 4 treatment chair below.


The ENT examination chair

High quality materials and its slim design make this examination and treatment chair unique in form and function

SIT 4 Eco

The EMT chair reduced to the essentials

The SIT 4 Eco is a stripped-down version of the SIT 4

ENT treatment chairs 46320 / 46120

Inexpensive, yet high quality

Mechanical operation allows use without being connected to a power supply


Comfort combined with a classic design

BELMONT has all the practical advantages of a doctor's chair, always appreciated by the practitioner.

Which treatment chair fits me best?

The SIT-4 ENT chair is our recommendation for every ENT praxis. Its design and functions, optimized over 15 years, save important time during every treatment. High quality materials are making the chair extremely durable and robust. 

In addition to the ENT chair SIT4, we also offer the SIT4 Eco.: A function-reduced version of the SIT 4 focusing the essentials. 

The 46320 / 46120 examination chairs represent an affordable, yet high quality solution for an examination chair.

The classic BELMONT doctor's chair is available with a practical backrest or, in the 30041 version, without one.