Video nasopharyngoscope (chip-on-the-tip)

Hi-Res, powerful and true colors

The nasopharyngoscope provides a meaningful addition for Otopront PES Pilot devices especially for stroboscopes - by conventient operation, superiour handling and sharp images.

The bright chip on the tip generates software optimised sharp and true-color images. It is operated by a trigger on the device or via the touch or foot control of the Pilot device.

The nasopharyngoscope can be easily integrated into our Pilot devices. Video recordings and photos are done by the Pilot system.

Video examples

Otopront stroboscope with video nasopharyngoscope and flexible chip-on-the-tip optic

Shown is a recording of the Otopront PES Pilot stroboscope with Otopront video nasopharyngoscope and flexible chip-on-the-tip optic and integrated stroboscope light source.

This combination of HD video nasopharyngoscope and flexible chip-on-the-tip ensures a very high resolution of the movement of the vocal folds, as shown in the video.

The example shows various slow motions and frequencies.

The video has not been processed and matches the PES Pilot HDpro stroboscope original recordings.


  • Diameter: 3,9 mm
  • Working length: 310 mm
  • Probe control: 130 °/130 °
  • Angle of view: 90 °
  • Lighting: fibre
  • Image generation by video endoscopic chip-on-the-tip
  • Protection class: IP68 (external influences) / class II (electrical)
  • Completely insertable and mechanical reprocessing up to 65 ° C
  • With density meter
  • Compatible with disposable covers

Video nasopharyngoscope VN-S 
with chip-on-the-tip