Video Nasopharyngoscopes VN-S and VN-P (CHIP-ON-THE-TIP)

For high-resolution and bright images

The video nasopharyngoscopes (CoT) developed by Otopront can be integrated as an extension into our diagnostic devices of the PILOT series. Video recordings and photos are taken by the PILOT system.

Operation and visualisation is possible via a trigger on the unit or via the touch or foot control of the PES PILOT HDpro. The light-intensive chip generates high-resolution and light-intensive images through software optimisation.

  • Can be used with PES PILOT HDpro or PES 2.1 (depending on the model, a light source is required)
  • Image rotation by 180° possible via software
  • Disposable protective covers available for all models
  • Video recordings and photos are taken using the PILOT system
  • Chip for bright, sharp and true-colour images

Video Nasopharyngoscope VN-S

High resolution and bright

High-resolution CCD-chip with high frame rate and large depth of field, optimised for stroboscopy.

Video Nasopharyngoscope VN-P

For paediatrics

Optimised for paediatric examinations with only 2.7 mm diameter and integrated light source.

Video examples

PES PILOT HDpro stroboscope with Otopront video nasopharyngoscope (flexible CHIP-ON-THE-TIP optics) - Example video

Shown is a recording of the Otopront PES PILOT HDpro stroboscope with Otopront video nasopharyngoscope (flexible CHIP-ON-THE-TIP optics).

Our video nasopharyngoscope and the integrated PES PILOT HDpro stroboscopy light source were used.

This combination enables the very high sharpness resolution of the movements of the vocal folds shown in the video.

You can see different slow motions and frequencies.

The video has not been post-processed and corresponds to the original PES PILOT HDpro stroboscope recordings.



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