CHIP-ON-THE-TIP: video nasopharyngoscope

Powerful hi-res CHIP-ON-THE-TIP optics

The nasopharyngoscope with CHIP-ON-THE-TIP technology can be easily integrated into our PILOT devices. Video recordings and photos are made by the PILOT system. Operation and visualization are possible, using a trigger on the device or using the touch or foot control of the PILOT. The bright CHIP-ON-THE-TIP generates sharp and true-to-color images through software optimization.

Video nasopharyngoscope VN-S with CHIP-ON-THE-TIP

High-resolution, bright and true-to-color

The VN-S video nasopharyngoscope represents an useful addition to all Otopront PES Pilot devices, especially for stroboscopy, thanks to its pleasant operation, good handling and sharp images. It’s equipped with the latest CHIP-ON-THE-TIP  technology. 

Video nasopharyngoscope VN-1 with CHIP-ON-THE-TIP

Simple but powerful

The VN-1 video nasopharyngoscope is available as an alternative. This fulfills all the functions of a modern chip-on-the-tip optics, but cannot be used for stroboscopy.

Technical specifications

  • Protection class (external influences): IP68
  • Protection class (electrical): class II
  • completely insertable and machine reprocessing up to 65° C 
  • with density meter
  • Compatible with disposable protective covers
  • Latest chip on the tip technology
Working length310 mm310 mm
Diameter3,9 mm3,9 mm
Working distance25 to 130 mm10 to 50 mm
Point of view90°90°
Distal angulationup / down 130° eachup / down 130° each
Resolution291.000 pixels76.800 pixels
Camera sensorCCD chipCMOS chip
Lightingglass fiberglass fiber

Chip-on-the-tip video examples

Flexible CHIP-ON-THE-TIP optic – PES Pilot HDpro stroboscope with Otopront video nasopharyngoscope

Shown is a recording of the Otopront PES Pilot stroboscope with Otopront video nasopharyngoscope and flexible chip-on-the-tip optic and integrated stroboscope light source.

This combination of HD video nasopharyngoscope and flexible chip-on-the-tip ensures a very high resolution of the movement of the vocal folds, as shown in the video.

The example shows various slow motions and frequencies.

The video has not been processed and matches the PES Pilot HDpro stroboscope original recordings.

Video nasopharyngoscope VN-S 
with chip-on-the-tip


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