Digital live imaging

The PES Eco HD is a Full HD camera system with ultra-high sensitivity. Digital interfaces are integrated in the camera system for displaying the camera image on external monitors. Separate versions of the camera system are available for endoscopy and ENT microscopy. The camera system is optionally equipped with a USB interface for documenting images and video sequences.

The latest C-MOS chip technology with maximum utilisation of residual light and brilliant colour dynamics ensures live images in full HD resolution (1920 × 1080 pixels).

The PES Eco HD camera system is completed by a foot switch for quick switching between live and still images.

PES Eco HD for Endoscopy

The camera sytem with an endoscopy camera head. The camera head is equipped with three buttons to conveniently select the „Freeze“, „White Balance“ and „Save“ functions.

PES Eco HD for Microscopy

In the optional device variant, the camera is integrated directly into the head of the examination microscope. The conventional use of the microscope (eyepiece view) is still possible regardless of the integration of the microscope camera.

PES Eco HD Recording Kit

In both device variants (endoscopy and microscopy), the Recording Kit provides storage capabilities for recording images and videos on a USB stick in FULL HD resolution.



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