Custom made

Modular, individually configurable

Ergonomically designed

Optimal positioning of all BASIC PLUS elements

Fully developed

Optimized functionality,
technologically updated


Distinct lines and a timeless design


Technically sophisticated and proven classic

More than 25 years of continuous development

The BASIC PLUS represents - with the product line's more than 25 years of continuous technical and functional development -  a design optimised, technically skilled classic.

Highest level of combination and customisation options

A modular, freely designable configuration of different variants and sizes of the BASIC PLUS as well as add-on modules and features meets the need for individuality and custom-made solutions.

Practice-oriented, clearly structured ENT workstation design

The distinct lines and shapes of BASIC PLUS provide a tidy, timeless look with calming effect on the patient. At the same time all functional elements are structured, optimally positioned and designed for one-handed operation in daily practice.

Technologically and hygienically up to date

Constant use of the latest technologies and materials in close cooperation with hospitals and practices provide valuable development impulses. The BASIC PLUS sets new standards in terms of hygiene requirements and technical characteristics and offers an outstanding practical handling as well as quick and easy maintenance.

Basic Plus 450, Basic Plus 550 and Basic Plus 700

Discover the highest level of combination and customisation options

Modular extendable base casing
BASIC PLUS 550 mm with endoscopy center with 4 light outlets and instrument cabinet, also available as left-handed version

Individually combinable additional components
Instrument cabinets, desks and endoscopy centers as well as equipment details can be freely combined with each other

Diversity for every need
BASIC PLUS can be optionally integrated with 2 or 4 light sources as LED or Ultra Bright LED

PC desk und instrument desk for all BASIC PLUS units

Details of the BASIC PLUS

BASIC PLUS is constantly optimised in features and functional details

Flexible configuration

Number and arrangement of storage and instruments trays as well as discard trays and storage areas are almost freely selectable into one BASIC PLUS unit.

Dispensers for cotton wool and tongue holder tissues
operated with one hand for easier and more efficient work

Elegant solutions
like easy to handle dispenser for examination gloves or Kleenex tissues

Spray bottles with shatter protection

and single click connection provide maximum working safety and comfort at every BASIC PLUS unit

Endoscopy centre
with 4 light outlets, LED, light barrier controlled lighting, automatic activation of head light

3 preheating quivers, disinfection quiver
with Otopront double quiver with disinfection time monitoring, quiver for flexible optics and interim suspension for endoscopes.

High-plateau with concealed sockets

for easy extension of diagnostic and examination BASIC PLUS equipment

Instrument modules
available as 450, 550 or 700, serve as an extension of the base BASIC PLUS body for extra storage space

Hygiene and maintenance of BASIC PLUS

Hygienically, technologically and economically up to date

Constant use of the latest technologies and materials in close cooperation with hospitals and practices provide valuable development impulses.

The BASIC PLUS sets new standards in terms of hygiene requirements and technical characteristics and offers an outstanding practical handling as well as quick and easy maintenance.

Learn more about our hygiene solutions for BASIC PLUS.

Easy accessibility

for cleaning and maintenance of the BASIC PLUS elements

Sophisticated hygiene
All handpieces and applied parts are fully autoclavable (water handles, spray handles, spray bottles, adapters, etc.)

Detachable surfaces and hoses
Quick-fit couplings on all hoses ensure easy assembly

Automatic suction hose rinse

With Otopront double quiver disinfection system
Decontamination protection and automatic disinfection time monitoring, durability for fully virucidal disinfectant

Easy-to-use water filter unit
for containment to 99.999 % of pseudomonas and legionella

Disposable canulas
for spray blowers

Softclose cover
for instrument cabinets

Features of the BASIC PLUS

Basic model equipment

Every BASIC PLUS ENT workstation is equipped with:

  • Suction unit with non-vibrating, smooth-running vacuum pump, 45 l /min, max. vacuum 93 %
  • Various types of pumps selectable (dry running or piston pump)
  • Suction hose rinsing unit
  • Compressed air unit complete with fine regulation handpiece, 3 spray bottles, Politzer attachments, flow limiter and pressure gauge
  • Mirror reheating unit
  • Instrument surface with Plexiglas cover
  • Instrument drawer
  • Pullout sideboard panel with integrated paper roll
  • Storage tray
  • Open compartment with electric socket for additional equipment

Most chosen optional extras

BASIC PLUS units can be expanded with:

  • Double or quadruple cold light source, each LED (CRI>95 %) with light barrier control, disinfection time monitoring and Otopront double quiver disinfection system
  • Ebdoscope rest, head lamp rest, both switching
  • "SuperBright LED" light source for flexible and very thin endoscopes
  • Spittoon on swivel arm with second suction hose
  • Mirror preheating unit for mirrors of different sizes
  • Heated instrument surface
  • High-plateau with concealed sockets
  • Swivel support for additional equipment
  • Microscope holder with electricity supply
  • Videoendoscopy system PES PILOT HDpro inkl. microscope camera
  • Stainless steel edges to protect areas of particularly high wear
  • Melamin drawers holding disinfectant solutions
  • Built-in waste bin for infectious wastes, syringes, etc.
  • Pedal-operated waste bin
  • Detachable stainless-steel surfaces
  • Outboard suction hose system
  • 38° C warm water rinsing device with autoclavable water filter unit
  • Instrument trays with plexiglass front cover
  • Free choice of colors, optionally 2-layer metallic paint


For workplace videoendoscopy the BASIC PLUS is optimally expandable with our endoscopy system PES PILOT HDpro. The device is positioned centrally on the plateau of the BASIC PLUS. An easily reachable camera mount can be attached to the BASIC PLUS unit. The hidden power strip and cable management of the Basic Plus prevent unnecessary unrest by dangling wires.

In addition, a new "SuperBright LED" light source for flexible and very thin endoscopes can be integrated into the endoscopy centers.


The BASIC PLUS is offered with either Carl Zeiss or Kaps microscopes.

Both microscopes obtain their light from a separate Otopront LED light source integrated in the BASIC PLUS. Ideal daylight temperature (CRi> 95 %) and brightness (~ 1500 Lumens) of the Otopront LED optimise the microscope image.

Special design

For special circumstances and special needs the BASIC PLUS can be modified to your liking.

The process for such a special design takes place in close collaboration between you and our sales people, to provide you with the best possible advice and to built a unit for your complete satisfaction - your personal BASIC PLUS treatment unit.

ENT treatment unit BASIC PLUS


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