Caloric stimulator

The caloric provoked nystagmus by irrigating both ears with warm and cold air is an integral part of the vestibular examination, as commonly done in the ENT office. The comparative caloric test requires exact control and producibility of all parameters of the stimulus such as amount of air flow, temperature and duration of action of the stimulating medium. The VARIO DRY has been designed to meet these requirements.

  • Maximum temperature consistency by setting heating, measurement and regulation directly on the handpiece
  • Caloric stimulation through 3 preset temperatures: 27° C, 44° C and cold; optionally an additional temperature range
  • Activation of the caloric examination and time counting by means of a control knob on the handpiece
  • Time setting between 0 and 99 seconds
  • Noise-reduced airflow unit
  • Tiltable display

Caloric stimulator VARIO Dry


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