The company

Otopront has been trusted and appreciated by ENT specialists for more than 70 years now. The closer the links between markets and people on a global scale, the greater the demand from customers all over the world.

Otopront has evolved from a company with a primarily German customer base to a globally operating enterprise. In more than 150 countries across the globe Otopront is represented with a reliable sales and service network.

Every single member of the Otopront team shares responsibility for providing satisfaction to our customers. Taking on responsibility means commitment to an ideal and doing everything possible to achieve set goals. That's what we mean by trustworthiness.


1949 In a collaboration with engaged ENT physicians, in particular the then head physician of the ENT department of the Wiesbaden Städt. Clinics, Dr Preusse and his senior physician Dr Müller, C.H. Happersberger, who later founded the company Jost & Happersberger KG, developed a completely new device concept based on a dental unit. The world's first ENT unit was created. Its name: OTOPRONT (created by Dr Preusse)

1950 The Otopront column is exhibited for the first time at the 21st Annual ENT Conference in Bad Kissingen and attracts a great deal of attention.

1959 The company moves to Hohenstein Breithardt, where the headquarters are still located today.

1960-1970 Jost & Happersberger earns an excellent reputation by equipping numerous university clinics, hospitals and ENT practices (Heidelberg, Würzburg, Hamburg, Cologne, Erlangen). Soon, all German Armed Forces hospitals were also equipped with Otopront treatment centres.

1980 A new generation came to the fore in 1980 when the company founder retired from the business. The company then traded under the name of Happersberger Otopront GmbH. The earlier product name “Otopront” has been part of the company name ever since.

1980 Start of international expansion and worldwide export of products.

1996 The BASIC PLUS ENT treatment unit is launched on the market. With well over 6000 units sold, this model is the most successful ENT working unit.

1996 In 1996, the video endoscopy completes Otopront as a comprehensive ENT product provider. The first portable video system PES 1 is released.

2005 The mobile ENT treatment unit SMART rounds off the product range.

2014 Technical progress: the new PES PILOT HDpro video endoscopy system is launched.

2018 The PILOT Diagnostic Centre with its modular "plug & play" design sets a new standard in the field of ENT diagnostics.

2022 The PES PILOT HDpro wins the German Design Award.

Today Otopront will continue to accompany the progress of medical technology with sophisticated solutions in the future.


We take responsibility. Since 2021, we have been securing 100% of our energy needs with green electricity from production-certified European hydropower plants.