Ent treatment units

From mobile to fully equipped: ENT units for every application

BASIC PLUS ENT treatment unit

The technologically and functionally fully developed classic

Optimised through 25 years of continuous technical and functional development


Compact ENT treatment unit

Usable for bed-side treatment, in operating rooms, outpatient clinics and private offices

ENT instrument cabintes


The Otopront ENT instrument cabinets are the ideal supplement to the ENT workplace. We offer a variety of equipment variations as well as a choice between two different cabinet arrangements, depending on the way you work and on your available space.

Examination and doctor's chairs

High quality and functional


The ENT examination chair

High quality materials and its slim design make this examination and treatment chair unique in form and function

ENT treatment chairs 46320 / 46120

Inexpensive, yet high quality

Mechanical operation allows use without being connected to a power supply


Comfort combined with a classic design

BELMONT has all the practical advantages of a doctor's chair, always appreciated by the practitioner.

ENT endoscopy and imaging

Technically and functionally groundbreaking endoscopy images

PILOT Diagnostic Center

System for diagnostics endoscopy images

PES PILOT HDpro Stroboscope

Professional display quality of Phoniatrics


The new standard in video ENT endoscopy imaging

Ground-breaking future-proof design to enable ENT professionals to work more efficiently

Video nasopharyngoscope VN-S

Hi-Res, powerful and true colors

For PES PILOT HDpro devices and nasal endoscopy imaging

PES 2.1

Compact ENT endoscopy image system for flexible use

Reliable technology, optimised in detail and functionality


Digital live endoscopy imaging

A sophisticated CCD chip and an anti-Moiré filter guarantee high-quality endoscopy images

Microscopy and optical systems

Optimised in detail

Carl Zeiss OPMI® pico

Small, compact, fully developed

Excellently suited for the many different tasks performed by an ENT
(Photo copyrights: Carl Zeiss)

Kaps SOM®

Small, compact and flexible

The ENT examination microscopes of the Kaps SOM® series provide you with everything you could want in terms of accessories and variability.


For reliable diagnostic

Newly designed lens system provides a brilliant illumination and a crystal clear resolution

ENT diagnosis and treatment

Constantly growing range of ENT diagnostics devices


The complete device system for functional ENT diagnosis of nasal breathing

Sinus echoscope DIGITAL 5

Perfect combination of function and operability

Easy to operate and likewise user-friendly ENT device with maximum sensitivity and noise suppression for ENT diagnosis on sinus exams. 

DIGITAL 5 modul

A-Mode ultrasound module

With software application for PC workstations or practice IT systems


Caloric stimulator

High operating comfort for the vestibular examination


Caloric stimulator

Provides a constant cold or warm air flow, with the air flow temperature being electronically controlled



Fully automatic impedance measuring within seconds

Lucerne Measuring Plate

For a convenient ENT diagnosis of balance disorders


Diagnostic audiometer

Allows all classical ENT diagnostic tests to be performed such as air conduction, bone conduction and speech audiometry. 

Otopront hygiene solutions

Future-proof and functional

Protection Frame

Cough and droplet protection for the ENT workplace

  • Protection against droplet ejection
  • Unobstructed work with both hands
  • Microscopy without restrictions
  • Endoscopying possible
  • Simply removable at the flexible Parallelogram swivel arm
  • Easy self assembly - no customer service needed

Endoscope reprocessing and documentation

Double quiver disinfection and documentation system

Recontamination protection, automatic disinfection time monitoring and  fully automatic long-term documentation of the disinfection procedures


Compressed-Air spray blower attachments, suction hoses for single use

Especially for treatment of high risk patients

Instrument management

Dust-free, clear, easily accessible storage of instruments

Optional clean/unclean drawer layout

Hygiene of water-bearing units

Scientific standards even in long-term use

Simple to use, economical, high level of hygiene safety

Cleaning and maintenance of the unit

Antibacterial trays, autoclavable surfaces and handpieces


Sekusept, Multi-Sept, Quick-Wipes, Aspi-Jet, Care-Wipes

Highly effective cleaning of medical instruments and medical equipment