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Customer satisfaction is our concern

Excellent service combined with the highest product quality are the basis for a high customer satisfaction and an always uninterrupted workflow at Otopront customer practices.

At all times, the operation of the equipment and the support of compliance with legal maintenance regulations are of utmost importance to the Otopront service.

Therefore, in addition to maintenance and maintenance contracts, we also offer separate STK and MTK, a 24-7 emergency service as well as an IT and integration service.


Service network

Our service technicians are personally committed to minimizing downtime and providing you with cost-effective and first-class service quality. With several localizations in Germany as well as Austria and Switzerland, rapid service can also be ensured in remote regions.

Easy and inexpensive maintenance and servicing

Otopront products are designed and built to ensure easy and inexpensive maintenance and servicing. This means users can carry out a lot of these jobs without assistance. Tubing and handpieces can be replaced in seconds with the aid of quick coupler technology. Filters and liquid containers are connected to the device by just plugging them in. This simple system also helps to minimize working time if a service engineer has to be called in.

Maintenance agreements


In addition to the maintenance, safety and technical controls (STK and MTK according to §6 MPBetreibV and § 11 MPBetreibV) can also be carried out separately for your Otopront units. Treatment units and diagnostic equipment can generally be controlled on-site in practice and in hospitals. If a device has to be sent to the MTK, a rental device is made available for this time.

Details about STK:
The safety-related control is a legally prescribed test according to § 6 MPBetreibV, which must be carried out within fixed intervals (depending on the device). The aim is to detect deficiencies or dangers in a timely manner before they affect patients, users and third parties.

Details about MTK:
The measurement technology control is a statutory examination of a medical device with measuring function according to § 11 MPBetreibV. The examination must be carried out as a rule every 24 months.

Download: MPBetreibV

Each service engineer of the Otopront team is personally committed to ensuring that down times are minimized and that you receive cost effective, top quality service.

Customer Service Germany

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Email: kundendienst(at)otopront.de 
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