Modularly expandable by

PILOT Diagnostic Center

System for diagnostics

The PES PILOT HDpro can be upgraded to a compact but complete diagnostic center right at your workplace. 

In addition to the Full HD camera (optionally 4K), it can be retrofitted with our proven components such as LED stroboscopy, tympanometry (TYMP) and A-mode sonography (DIGITAL 5). All findings can be archived in a single patient database.



  • Full HD/4K photo and video recording
  • operation by touch screen or foot pedal
  • patient and analysis software
  • and full connectivity




  • freely adjustable high-power LED light source
  • Hz and dB data integrated in the video
  • frame-by-frame analysis; image extraction

TYMP module

  • fully automatic impedance measurement
  • compliance measurement in just two seconds
  • ipsi or contralateral triggering of the stapedius reflex

DIGITAL 5 module

  • ultrasonic method: A-mode, 4.25 MHz
  • gain infinitely variable (65 - 120 dB)
  • optional single or multiple image display


  • high resolution, bright and true color images
  • FEES and general dysphagia examinations
  • compatible with disposable covers

PILOT Diagnostic Center


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