Otopront TYMP

A valuable middle ear diagnosis by means of tympanometry and stapedius reflex measurement is standard procedure of an up-to-date ENT office. Otopront`s TYMP meets all technical requirements of an up-to-date middle ear analyzer: It works fast, reliable, and is remarkably easy to handle and care in the daily operation.

  • Hygienic glass touch screen with high contrast LCD display
  • 2-colour LED in the probe indicates correct sealing of the ear canal
  • Measurement procedure can be set up in seconds, ideal for restless patients
  • Measurement of stapedius reflexes ipsi- and contralateral with different frequencies and volumes
  • Pathologically deviating middle ear pressure automatically compensated in the external auditory canal
  • Fully automatic measurement process
  • Swiveling control panel
  • Integrated, fast-printing and low-noise thermal printer


All functions as well as curves and data are visualised on the monitor.

Flexible handling

Integrated printer



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