ENT diagnostics

Constantly growing range of ENT diagnostics devices

As a full-service ENT provider, Otopront offers a wide range of ENT diagnostics and extends this range continuously.

Product quality, ease of use and connectivity are the focus.

Our PC-based ENT diagnostics devices are based on a common basic software (App-Manager), so that all applications can access a single common patient database and the integration into the practice IT can be simplified.

In addition to videoendoscopy, we offer ENT diagnostic devices for the following areas:


Pilot Diagnostic Center

System for diagnostics endoscopy images


The complete device system for functional ENT diagnosis of nasal breathing

Sinus echoscope DIGITAL 5

Perfect combination of function and operability

Easy to operate and likewise user-friendly ENT device with maximum sensitivity and noise suppression for ENT diagnosis on sinus exams. 

DIGITAL 5 modul

A-Mode ultrasound module

With software application for PC workstations or practice IT systems


Caloric stimulator

High operating comfort for the vestibular examination


Caloric stimulator

Provides a constant cold or warm air flow, with the air flow temperature being electronically controlled



Fully automatic impedance measuring within seconds

Lucerne Measuring Plate

For a convenient ENT diagnostics of balance disorders


Diagnostic audiometer

Allows all classical ENT diagnostic tests to be performed such as air conduction, bone conduction and speech audiometry.