Full-HD camera, video recording
and patient management in a
single compact system

PES Pilot HDpro

The new standard in videoendoscopy

As the latest addition to the PES family, the Pilot sets a new standard as portable videoendoscopy system with regards to image qualityhandling and functionality.

The PES Pilot is designed to strongly improve the quality and simplify the process of endoscopic examinations. This is achieved with the latest full HD C-MOS chip technology and a touchscreen with no-loss of contrast.

With its front-mounted touchscreen and compact dimensions the device can be set up in the user’s working area so that all the functions can be conveniently operated on the Pilot screen without the need to move. The camera offers a combination of full HD resolution (optionally 4K) and maximum depth of illumination and so delivers an extremely sharp image of the highest contrast. Numerous IT and connection ports complete the Pilot’s technical strengths.

These features distinguish the PES Pilot from conventional endoscopy systems, creating a ground-breaking future-proof design to enable ENT professionals to work more efficiently.

DICOM integration

Clearly structured and userfriendly patient management

Patient data can be saved directly to the internal memory or to a USB stick. In addition, data can be exchanged automatically with the practice IT system or the HIS.

Intuitive operation and navigation by touch or mouse

The device can be operated completely intuitively. Still photo/video mode is selected by foot pedal or by shutter release on the touchscreen. Then the findings can be tagged directly on the Pilot screen using the fingertip control. All the functions, such as selecting an image or zoom, can be operated by finger tip control or alternatively controlled with the mouse.

Top quality images delivered by the latest chip technology

The PES Pilot deploys the latest C-MOS camera technology with superior resolution greater than full HD (1920 x 1200). It allows maximum use of low light for optimum depth of illumination, resulting in a smooth, well-lit image which is sharp and rich in contrast. With its high refresh rate and global shutter technology the PES Pilot is also ideal for videostroboscopy.


9” or 15.6” inch capacitive touchscreen (no loss of contrast or brilliance)

Screen vertically swivable by 45°

Picture grabbing

Marking of medical evidence on screen by fingertip

Superior handling

With its front-mounted touchscreen and compact size the device can be incorporated directly into the working area (e.g. at the ENT unit). All functions can be operated conveniently with the use of the touchscreen, allowing the user to work as efficiently as possible.

Two additional monitors can also be connected to the Pilot screen. So the process of endoscopy can be made easier, for example by placing a monitor for the doctor at an angle behind the patient’s chair (removing the need to turn the head).

Detailed results can be shown to the patient on an additional patient monitor. The patient monitor can also be disabled at any time.

second camera can also be incorporated (e.g. for a microscope) as well as an automatic switching system between the two cameras. As with all Otopront PES video systems, the Pilot’s compact size and ease with which it is set-up, allows the PES Pilot HDpro to be used on the move at different locations without requiring an additional monitor.

Video examples

PES Pilot HDpro - Video example

Double click on the video or bottom right selection of the video provides original playback in full screen Full HD (Requires a Full HD enabled device: PC, tablet or smartphone).

Shown is a recording of the Otopront PES pilot in Full HD.

A rigid 0 ° endoscope with with 4 mm diameter at the PES pilot Full HD camera was used.

The video has not been processed and matches the PES pilot HDpro original recordings.

PES Pilot HDpro stroboscope

The PES Pilot HDpro is also available with an integrated stroboscope.

Technical Data

  • Otopront Application Manager with PES Pilot Module
  • clearly laid out and intuitive software
  • operated by touching the Pilot touchscreen or with mouse and keyboard
  • touchscreen can also be operated with gloves
  • photo/video shutter released by touch, mouse or foot pedal
  • taking videos and still photos (MPEG and JPEG, full HD, optionally 4K)
  • photos can be taken while video recording
  • photo creation from recorded videos
  • managing patient and examination data
  • printing and saving results and exporting them via GDT protocol
  • processing results and tagging on screen or with the mouse
  • comparing 4 stills of results, single image view, zoom
  • by touch or with the mouse
  • findings tagged by touching the image (Finding Fingertip Marker)
  • manage and control several cameras, optional automatic camera switch (e.g. between microscopy and endoscopy)
  • control up to 2 external monitors, switching them on and off from the Pilot screen
  • high performance system with dual core processor
  • 128 GB internal SSD memory (up to 500 GB optional) for approx. 15 hours video recording or 10,000 images
  • data storage on USB stick
  • 2 LAN ports for connecting to printer and practice’s IT system
  • up to 2 monitor interfaces (DVI/ HDMI)
  • connections for mouse and keyboard, wireless optional
Communication interfaces
  • easily integrated into practice’s IT system via GDT protocol
  • automatically detects practice’s IT system, optionally with a keystroke
  • total integration into HIS and PACS via standard interfaces (HL7, DICOM compliant)
  • optional transfer of video data, communication with worklists (e.g. DICOM video, DICOM worklists)

Videoendoscopy system PES PILOT HDpro


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