Timeless design

Smooth and seamless surfaces

Timeless design

Smooth and seamless surfaces

Timeless design

Smooth and seamless surfaces

BASIC PLUS Office Package

The design and hygiene update for the BASIC PLUS

Modern design with the latest hygienic standards 

The classic ENT treatment unit BASIC PLUS has a new design. To meet the demand for time-efficient work, Otopront focuses on state-of-the-art technology, ergonomic design and innovative materials. 


The use of solid surface material enables a homogeneous, non-porous surface that is particularly hygienic and extremely easy to clean. At the same time, the calm design of the BASIC PLUS Office package creates an aesthetic and relaxing effect on staff and patients.

Solid surface material

All solid surface materials are non-porous, impact-resistant, largely heat-resistant, flame-retardant and resistant to disinfectants for surface and hand disinfection as well as common chemicals. Due to the homogeneous, non-porous and solid material density, it can be processed visually without joints and thus has a particularly hygienic surface. The growth of bacteria or mould is not supported.

All surfaces can be cleaned and disinfected with the Otopront hygienic products intended for this purpose.

The drawer fronts of the ENT treatment unit as well as all work surfaces and optionally other practice furniture are made of solid surface materials (e.g. Corian®, Hanex® or clinically suitable Varicor®).


The completely coloured material is available in almost any desired colour and can be cast in almost any shape and processed without joints - whether as a standard product or a unique piece.

Solid surface materials are available in almost all RAL colours

Elegant shapes and timeless design thanks to smooth and seamless surfaces

Smooth surfaces and minimal gaps allow easy cleaning and safe instrument storage

Equipment features of the BASIC PLUS Office package

The BASIC PLUS Office package is available in different sizes and designs. The endoscopy centre can be optionally integrated or equipped as a light cube with 2 or 4 light sources.

  • Drawers made of solid surface material with push-to-open function
  • Instrument cover white translucent
  • Compact endoscopy module integrated: mobile light source OTOLUX-LED as well as holder for optics
  • All protective surfaces white, antibacterial coating
  • Buttonless: smooth surface, no visible buttons and switches
  • Discard tray integrated in drawer
  • Optional: writing surface made of mineral material next to instrument tray

ENT Treatment Unit BASIC PLUS Office Package


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