Compressed-Air spray blower attachments, suction hoses for single use

otopront disposable spray cannulas

The in recent years more tightened interpretation of requirements on hygienic preparation of medical instruments sees the cleaning of suction tubes and cannulas due to the small lumens at some point critical or not to be feasible.

This has lead to that in many hospitals the spray equipment has been decommissioned because only reusable cannulas were available. 

Otopront solved that issue by the development of disposable cannulas. Many hospitals have subsequently reactivated their spray equipment.

  • Additional safety during treatment of high risk patients, bleeding noses or change of dressing 
  • Support of compliance with hygiene standards
  • Cost savings compared to expensive processing in hospitals

Easy upgrade, full functionality

  • Starter set with adapters and cannulas for easy upgrading your system, anytime downgradable
  • Fast replacement of the cannulas with quick fastener
  • Two cannula types available - for aqueous solutions (green) or oily / viscous solutions (white), package content 25 pcs
  • Ultra-fine spraying with a high volume flow allows a deep, precise and uniform distribution of the solution in all, even hard to reach areas
  • Minimisation of medication use and protection of the patient by targeted application and fine spraying without dripping
  • Composed of biocompatible plastic, drug compliant and fully recyclable