Instrument management

Dust-free, clear, easily accessible storage of instruments

For all instrument cabinets and units we offer a dust- and splash-free storage of instruments. The special feature is that for all systems the instruments are kept visible behind plexiglass for a quick orientation.

Not only further underlying drawers, but also the upper trays of the cabinets and units can be equipped with our SoftClose and QuickSafe systems. So an ergonomically ideal, dust- and splash-free storage of instruments is possible.



With the QuickSafe closure system instruments are protected against dust and liquids, without having to cover them manually.

Opening the instrument drawer lifts and moves the plexiglass cover to the rear. Closing the drawer slides the panel back to the front and covers the instruments again.

Drawer variants and configuration

Furthermore all drawers can be fit with a plexiglas front.

Clean/unclean or storage/discard layout of the individual cabinet and unit elements can be individually designed by request, depending on the situation.

Instrument management