The compact endoscopy system for flexible operation

The PES 2.1HD focuses on design and proven technology, which have been further optimised in detail and functionality. Thus the PES 2.1HD scores as a compact, flexible video endoscopy system with built-in memory for both photographs and video recordings, and with an optional built-in LED light source.

In addition to an outstanding video quality, intuitive operation and versatile connectivity and integration options (USB, LAN, printer, practice IT, HL7, etc.), the PES 2.1HD has a complete patient management software that makes it an all-rounder in its class.

Software optimised images

The video image produced by the 1/3" CCD chip is upscaled to HD resolution and optimized by a real-time software filter so that every area is evenly lit and contrasts are more intensely highlighted.

The camera quick fastener allows easy connection to all types of rigid and flexible endoscopes. The compact size of the camera head and one-hand operation faciliate the endoscopic work.

Easily switch between single screen and 4-view

Intuitive operation by one-click menu

Quick managing and documenting patient data

Clearly laid out patient lists and diagnostics fields


Easy to handle and fully equipped

  • Live image, video recording and photo
  • CCD camera kit with real-time video optimization
  • Problem-free HIS / practice EDP integration
  • Integrated LED light source (optional)
  • Intuitive software with patient management


A menu reduced to the most necessary guarantees user comfort. Photo or video recording takes place by push-button or by foot pedal. All functions, e.g. image selection, zoom, white balance or patient management can be performed by simply pressing the button directly.

The interface is clear and simple. Video or image findings can be compared with previous results in a 4-view.

The data is automatically saved on an internal memory or optionally on a USB stick or can be printed directly. In addition, the integration allows automatic exchange of all patient data and findings with the practice EDP or the HIS.

Integrated LED light source

Optionally, the PES 2.1 HD can be equipped with an integrated LED light source (e.g. for mobile use), which is suitable for all conventional endoscopes. The LED light source offers outstanding brightness (> 300 klx) and an optimal daylight temperature with CRI> 93%. Its brightness is adjustable and it is completely maintenance-free.

  • High-performance system with dual-core processor
  • 256 GB internal SSD memory (optional up to 500 GB) for about 30 hours of video recording or 10,000 photos
  • Service and repairs can be done by remote maintenance
Hardware interfaces
  • Data storage on a USB stick
  • 2 LAN ports for printers and practice EDP integration
  • DVI / HDMI monitor interface
  • Ports for mouse and keyboard, optional wireless
Integrated software
  • Otopront Application Manager with PES 2.1-Modul
  • Clearly laid out, intuitive software
  • Operation via hardware buttons, mouse or keyboard
  • Recording video and Image (MPEG, JPEG)
  • Photographing possible during video recording
  • Managing patient and examination data
  • Print findings, save, export via GDT protocol
  • Comparison of 4 finding images, single view, zoom
Hardware controls
  • Managing multiple cameras, optional automatic switching between cameras (e.g. between microscopy and endoscopy)
  • Controlling an external monitor
Communication interface
  • Easy installation in practice IT (e.g. MediStar, Turbomed, Albis etc. via GDT protocol)
  • Automatic job recognition of the practice IT, alternatively by pressing a button
  • Integration in HIS and PACS via standard interfaces (HL7, DICOM)
  • Optional transmission of video data, communicating with worklists (DICOM e.g. video, DICOM worklists)
  • Screen foldable
  • Size: 12,1“
  • Resolution: 800 x 600 Pixel
  • Viewing angle: 178 ° horizontal and vertical
  • 2 cameras can be connected
  • Sensor: latest 1/3" CCD chip technology with real-time software optimisation
  • Resolution: HD (720P) – New upscale technology
  • Lens mount: C-Mount
Integrated LED light source (optional)
  • Array of seven LEDs
  • Optimal daylight temperature (CRI >93%)
  • Brightness: >300 klx, adjustable
  • Life approx 50.000 h

Portable endoscopy system PES 2.1 HD