ENT Instrument Cabinets

The choice between different set ups and the variety of options allows you to fit it for your individual working needs. The solid steel casing and the telescopic steel guides guarantee easy movement of all parts for decades ahead.

  • Steel housing with PUR shaped top parts
  • Large instrument surface with plexiglass cover
  • Instrument drawers
  • Spacious storage drawers
  • Interior light
  • Instrument heater
  • Writing surface
  • Dispenser for cotton and paper
  • Waste container with foot pedal
  • Removable drawer for used instruments
  • Additional attachments

With one simple manipulation, the instrument tray can be taken out and cleaned. Even during consulting hours a refill of instruments through exchange of inserts is quickly made. The instrument tray is equipped with stainless steel organizers for instrument compartments.

All instruments are in plain view and organized. The pre-warmed instrument area represents a comfortable extra, especially during winter months. In one easy step the whole instrument area can be closed dust free, whereas medication bottles can remain within depression. Interior lightning for instrument surface and instrument drawer is available as further option.

Because they are most frequently used, instrument discard tray and waste compartment are optimally positioned. Instrument discard tray also can be exchanged from back, without disturbing an examination. A foot pedal with click stop allows easy operation of the shock absorbed waste container.

The sturdy but easy to handle rinsing bowl has an extremely wide swivel radius. The bowl is made of opal glass, is adjustable high, locks and further equipped with a circular rinsing. Integrated in the bowl is a water yet pump that allows a suction vacuum of -0.95 bar (a water pressure of min 2.5 bar is neccessary) and sowith a strong suction through the additional suction tube.

Takes up no room – the cotton and paper dispensor drawer. Take out is as simple as refill. Paper tears off effortlessly, clamping mechanism.

Variable sizes.